Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crafter's Companion Wrapped in Really Reasonable Ribbon

Happy Saturday to everyone.  It is a beautiful day here in Colorado!  Even with the wind blowing like a hurricane (as per usual here in GJ) it is a nice 72 and a high of 90!!!

Yesterday was a little crispy!  I stupidly sat in the sun watching my little Bean finish up his baseball camp.  Let me do a side-note: I have not burned myself in a LONG time.  I am a firm believer that you don't leave the house without sunscreen.  Ok with that said, I left the house without sunscreen.  Lucky for me I actually did my hair which means that it was down.  It covered most of my bare back ( had a strapless dress on).  Oh but the backsides of my arms and in the creases of my armpits are what Bean describes as a shiny red apple!  EEEEKKKKK!!  So, last night Bean rubbed coconut oil and lavender oil mix on my shiny red apple back.  :(  I was surprised to wake up to no pain and light pink skin.  The mix of oils really works!

Today I have a couple of cards using Crafter's Companion and Really Reasonable Ribbon products.

Thanks so much for visiting!  Enjoy the last day of May!!!

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