Monday, November 2, 2015

Getting Started: My Journey With Project Life

Hello everyone!  I hope you all have been crafty.  I have recently resigned from all of my design teams and pursued a project that has been hanging on me for years.  Photos!!!  My photos are out of control and in dire need of getting organized.  Since my son was born I have had little time to scrap because I have always been promoting this company or that company.  I am now ready to promote myself!  I am ready to show you all how creative you can get with different digital apps and I will be throwing in some paper pages too.

I will start by featuring our summer break and the Project Life App.   Just to let you know, I was over the moon excited when I found the Project Life App.  I was glad to see that it had already been out for a year to work out the *bugs*.  On my iPhone ISO it was $0.99.  You cannot go wrong for that amount.  I will tell you that once I got started, I found myself easily spending $20+ on the different collections of cards for journaling and fillers.  I myself do not use a whole lot of filler cards.  But I do like to have different colors and options when I decide to throw one on the page.

For my 1st album I was very "green".  I had yet to discover the "other" apps (I will discuss those in future posts).  For this 1st album I used the Project Life App for the entire album.  I feel like the app is very self explanitory.  Although there are fantastic tutorials out there.  You might try Lindsay Ross's Blog.  She has a great beginners tutorial for the app.  Plus she has excellent ideas for layouts.

I was literally able to complete several "pages" for my Florida album in just one sitting.  I sat by the pool and watched my son...ok I took breaks and swam with him-A LOT!  But honestly, I was doing on average of 2-3 pages a day catching up (I had already been in Florida for more than 3 weeks when I discovered the app).  I already had my journaling done in the Day One app.  I have used Day one for 3 years to journal our everyday happenings.  This app allows you to journal and save by date.  I don't get too fancy as you probably can in this app.  I just use its basics and then I have my journaling for the day.  I can easily go back and copy and paste it into the PL app.

This is literally my 1st digital page.  I combined a couple of different collections and added my text.  I was able to resize the font and make it fill the journaling card.  I went in and used the picture tool to brighten my darker pictures.

*Tip: always adjust the lighting on your darker pictures.  You will be pleased with the outcome and in general have a more eye catching page when you go to print.  

I know a lot of my followers are paper crafters.  I am wondering is Project Life a subject you want to see more of on my blog?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to help you all with the trials and errors of digital scrapping.

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***All of the above is from personal experience and is solely my opinion.  I have not been paid or taking any monies in exchange for my opinion.  The above links are NOT affiliate links.  

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