Monday, August 18, 2014

My Life Monday's

Hi everyone!  I have not really had a moment to actually tell you about my summer.  I will give you the short version:  Went to Florida, played in the pool and ocean A LOT, ate good food, went to Disney World, stayed in a cabin with a golf cart, was in the ocean when a manatee swam by (only about 10 feet away!), had a good visit with Mema and Nannie (my mom and sister)....The End!  In a nutshell!!!

So, I had a lot a time to think about my art and the direction I wanted my blog to go.  I feel as though I give you a lot of cards and fun content in the crafty section of the world, but not a whole lot about me as a person.  I decided I would dedicate one day a week to how I survive other parts of my life.  I came up with "My Life Monday's!"  I will feature tips and tricks and just everyday things I am sure a lot of us encounter.  Also if you have anything you would like to see on Monday's, leave me a comment and I will post "my version" on an upcoming Monday.

Today I thought I would show you how I get my family and myself to eat more fruit! 

So here is a picture of what my counter looks like next to my sink when I come home from the grocery store.  Yes that is a Nerf water gun cartridge....we love our squirt guns!!!  I usually leave all the fruit at the sink as I am unpacking the groceries.  I make sure to leave enough time to wash all the fruit before I put it in the fridge.  I find that once it is in the fridge and "unwashed" nobody including myself has time to wash it!  The next thing you know is the mold has taken over the fruit drawer!

What I like to do is fill a large bowl with cold water and white vinegar.  I buy my vinegar in a gallon for around $2.  I add a little over a cup to a gallon of water.  Then I pick all the grapes off the stems and let them sit in the vinegar water for about 5 minutes.  This allows the vinegar to eat through the wax coating on the grapes.  I DO NOT rinse the fruit after being in the vinegar/water solution because vinegar does double duty: cleans and prevents the development of mold (plus a little vinegar never hurt anyone!)!  I then go in order of all the fruits that have a "skin" and do the berries last.  The berries tend to cloud the water.  I scoop the fruit out and lay it on several paper towels to dry.  

I line plastic tubs with dry paper towels and then place the dry fruit in the tub.  Now it is ready for the fridge.

Here is a peek into the fruit drawer of my refrigerator.  I have cleaned all the fruit and ground up the strawberries (for yogurt). 

 Thank you so much for joining me for "My Life: Monday's".  I hope you will try this method of getting your family to eat more fruit.  Remember that already wash fruit is easy for the little one's to open the fridge and just grab what they want.  Allowing them to get their own makes them feel grown up.  If the fruit is washed is is just one less step for them!  

Hope to see you again next Monday for:  Breakfast made easy for a busy school/work week.

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