Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoy Your Life

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WoooHooo!!!  The last week (3 days) of school!  So excited.  The kids have two "fun" days then off to the pool for the last day of school field trip.

So, have to tell you the current DRAMA happening at baseball.  Well, needless to say there are 2 kids on the team that have MAJOR self control issues.  Who knows what or if they are medical??  But honestly they totally interrupt the entire team and upset all things normal in a little league baseball team.  I am talking about cussing, throwing dirt, swinging the bat in the dugout (after repeatedly being told it is dangerous), spitting on the ground and at fellow teammates, knocking over water-bottles and food and never even picking it up, jacking around on the field to the point it disrupts the game.  I mean you name it and they have done it!  I am the team mom and have to be in the dugout for the entire game.  So, I feel like a babysitter to these 2 kids.  None of the other players have any of the above problems and they listen, are respectful, they are there to play the game etc.  On Saturday, one of the two problem kids mother refused to come in the dugout and sit to keep her child in control.  He proceeded to fall behind the bench and then completely clear all the food and drinks off onto the floor.  I kept quite, as she instructed that he not be treated as a 5 year old. By the way, she watched as all this happen. He finally got himself out from behind the bench (imagine a sandwich where your feet are next to your ears), got his glove and walked out of the dugout without picking up the 9+bottles he knocked on the floor.  I instructed him back in to pick up and then said "please sit with your mother on the bleachers in between the time you are out on the field".  He went and told his mother that I "kicked him off the team".  Needless to say, she went batty on me!  I reiterated what I had told him and she decided that she would "take him home".  Mother 2 of the other out of control child took it upon herself to stick her nose in business that was not hers.  She marched (literally) into the dugout and was screaming at the top of her lungs (in front of all these kids) that she was turning me into the board of directors for our field and that I needed to be more compassionate with children that have ADD and ADHD.  My response:  I am not trained to recognize children with these conditions, it was not brought to my attention that these children suffered from these conditions, and why is it now my problem that these children have the problems that they are having on this team? Plus, why are you not in the dugout helping your children have a positive experience?  Mother2 had to be asked to leave the dugout by the acting coach and another parent and myself.

Here is my question (s) for you:  Do you think that parents that pay money ($120) for their kids to play ball be responsible for their children's behavior and actions?  Or do you think the coaching group for each team be responsible and just "look the other way" while these kids stir the pot and cause problems for everyone around them?  Also, would you continue to preform all the duties a team mother has? or would you pass and sit in the bleachers the rest of the season?  Please leave me your thoughts for a chance to win some Really Reasonable Ribbon.  

Today I have a really fun card featuring a fun technique.  It is Embossing Folder Stamping.  You can find a full tutorial on Splitcoaststampers.  Also if you want to try your hand at this technique, I am hosting the Technique Lovers Challenge TLC482 starting today.

I have used a sentiment from Crafter's Companion Sentimentals-Memories are Made set.  LOVE these fun quotes!!!  To finish my card off, I have used a chevron twill in yellow from Really Reasonable Ribbon.   I put my entire card together with my Xyron Mega Runner and  High Tack Tape.

Thank you so much for joining me today.  Don't forget to read my question above and let me know your thoughts for a chance to win some "mystery" RRR!  Come back on Friday to this very post to see who won!!!

I was pick as a weekly favorite for the week of May 25th!  Thank you Splitcoaststampers!

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