Friday, June 21, 2013

Best Fishes

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Good morning.  Happy Friday!  Only one more day till my little Beans "friends" birthday party.  His birthday is not until later this summer, but we will be out of town the week of his birthday.  I am excited!  It will be a blast!  He always has a swim party and this year there will be almost 40 people at the party!!!  That is a lot of friends!!!

Since Bean is having a swimming party this Hambo Stamp couldn't have been more perfect!  It is called "Snorkel Boy".  And let me tell you, that describes my little Bean.  He is constantly under the water.  He started swimming at 6months old and now swims in a class where all they do is laps!  He is an amazing swimmer for his age!  He is totally my little fish!!!

Love the way the little freckles turned out on his face.  I think I have told you all before...whenever I get a little boy stamp, I always pattern it after the look my  Bean has at that time.  In the summer the freckles really come out on his face and nose!

Here is the inside of the card too!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a fabulous weekend.  I will upload some pics of his party next week!  

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Stamp: Digital by Hambo-Snorkel Boy and 
Paper: EP-A Perfect Summer Collection

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