Friday, December 10, 2010

My Snow MEN!

This is one of my favorite ornaments to make.  They are my little snow “men”.   Funny story, I told Bean that he left me for the weekend and I had to make my own friends.  He was upset and told me “mommie, those snowmen are not your friends!  I am your only friend!”  How cute is that?  Warms my heart!  Hope everyone has their tree up and decorated.  I also want to give a Hello to Ms. Cari’s grade 5 class.  They are making these ornaments for their parent gift for Christmas.  Hope things turn out OK Cari!  Good Luck! 

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Bulb: Glass from Hobby Lobby and Magic Snow…Scarf: Scrap fabric

I also have a very exciting announcement!  I will be a designer for the Baby Buds Designs DT!  Please stay tuned in January when I start my Design adventure with these amazing ladies.  Here is the post that appears over at the Baby Buds web site:

Today we have lots of exciting news for you! Our 2nd Term of Lady Buds doesn't start until January but we are so delighted and over the moon to introduce you to our new line up of Designers, we just couldn't wait until then! So with out further ado, please welcome:







Also, we are so very happy to have staying with us from our first term:
A BIG thanks goes out to Silke, Jennifer, Giovana & Ellie for all of their hard work and support for the first term! We wish you all the best in everything you do! Please keep in touch!!

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