Sunday, April 1, 2012

**Slop Hop**

Welcome to Hambo Stamp's Slop Hop!  

First off...Happy April Fools Day!  

Here are a few piggy jokes!

*Lose their sooeycases
*Go through mudal detectors for sowcureity
*Take a shoat nap on the flight
*Chews an airloin with cheap fares, like Pan Ham
*Hope for swill weather with no turbulinks
*Barrow a sowtcase from Mudder and Fodder
*Eat unsowvory airloin food
*Hold hams with each other during takehoof
*Hope for a strong pigtail wind
*Pork their automosqueal in the overnight lot
*Root and holler when the plane lands safely
These and other pig jokes can be found at

So here is my flying birthday pig...Hope you like it!

I used the following:
"Floating Pig"-(from our most recent release)
"Look out" sentiment

You can see in this photo that I have printed my background "Hill" out onto a sheet of acetate.  Under the acetate I reprinted Hill out onto different colors of patterned card-stock.  It gives an almost shadow box effect that is hard to capture...

 In this photo your can see all the different layers of felt clouds, 3D balloon (achieved by stamping the balloon 3 times, coloring it, folding 2 of the 3 in half and gluing together.)  Acetate is fun to work with...and you can get pretty creative with how you "pop" it up and hid the foam squares....LOL!  

Hope you enjoy the Slop Hop!  

Next you are off to the very talented Paula.

Here is the hop order in case you didn't start at the beginning:
you are here==>>===>>Jenn<<===<<==you are here!

Do you want to win a free Hambo Digi?  Well all you have to do is leave your answer to the following question: Name 3 famous Pigs!  I will draw a random winner from the comments.  Remember to please leave your contact info too!



  1. Oh I love your question for the digi!! But since I can't play, I will just WALLOW in my knowledge alone. Hahaha! GREAT post and amazing card, Jenn! Love all your details and the scene you created!

  2. Wow, look at our over-achiever!! LOL The pig jokes are so funny, and so appropriate for this flying pig! Your card is AMAZING with all the layers and fun elements! (Great use of the twine!) SO SO fun!!

  3. Jenn, this is adorable! I just LOVE how you've created the background scenery!

    Oh, 3 famous pigs? Petunia Pig, Porky Pig, and Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web!) :)

  4. Really cute Jenn! Love the scene you created.

  5. WOW! Love your card Jen & all those layers...very clever! Those pig jokes are funny & perfect to go with your card.

  6. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! So very cute and creative. Precious card.

  7. I absolutely adore this!! What a creative card..

  8. Porky, Ms. Piggy and Babe. Babe was so darn cute and I believe he could fly if he wanted to, just like your card! Adorable.

  9. Awesome card! Love the dimension and how you pieced the balloon together.

  10. Such a clever way to overlay the hill markings-I was just amazed at how that green patterned paper made it look like farmers' fields! and that balloon trick is a neat one-so many elements to look at-wonderful design! Please come and join us at with our small blog hop also!

  11. Babe, the piggy that went to market and the 3 pig brothers who beat the wolf who huffed and puffed. ( so that is really 5)

  12. Babe, the little piggy that went to market, and the 3 pigs who built straw, stick and brick houses. So I guess that makes 5 pigs.

  13. Love the dimensional card. I'll have to scraplift it but I won't HOG all the glory. So, my celebrity Pigs are: Wilbur, Babe and the faboo Miss Piggy (love her sense of style and her fortitude in getting the frog to commit). Thanks for sharing a wonderful card.

  14. Very cute card. I like the twine around the piggy!

  15. This is one of my favorite stamps! I love your scenery and using acetate!! There is something I need to dust off! Those jokes were hilarious!

  16. Very cute card. I like the twine wrapped around the piggy!

  17. AWESOME card Jenn!!!. LOVE IT!!! and all those jokes...hillarious!!!. This was so much fun!!!. Love the scene you created and your colours!!!

  18. love it card! Three famous pigs! Wilbur (charlotes web) Porky (warner brothers) and Miss Piggy (muppets) As an extra babe!

  19. Wonderful card and I did get a big smile on my face with the last answer, hoot and holler when the plane lands, my daughter should be doing that in about 2.5 hours from now. She is not a happy flyer. Three pigs for me would be Porky, Wilbur and Babe

  20. I love this card. Your detail and coloring is so pretty. Love the dementions. Lets see now....Miss Piggy, Porky Pig, and I love Maxwell (The pig on the insurance commercials with the pinwheels. He did a zip line, a car ride and I am not sure the name of that board he is riding down that hill). I don't think Maxwell is really famous yet since most people don't know his name so if he don't count then...Babe.

  21. I love acetate and should use it more often!

  22. Seriously cute Jenn. Only bettered I think by the 2 ton flying dinousaurs I saw at the "How to Train your Dinosaur Show" yesterday.

  23. How funny... made my Monday... thanks for that...

  24. This is a such a cute card Jenn, I love all the different layers and your explanation of how you did them all.

  25. lovely card! acetate huh? awesome :D cant really tell it on the photo.. but after reading everything i see that you put a lot of time and hard work in you creation. Always love it when people go the extra mile.
    I really like the colors, your plaid blue sky and the fluffy clouds :D oh and your balloon is gorgeous! how do you come up with something like that.
    By the way, that reminds me of a joke about clouds that my father told me when i was young.. What's a sheep without legs? -- A cute little cloud!
    I think its not a funny joke, but a cute joke :)

    Oh, my top 3 pigs? Well my ALL TIME FAVO is Pumbaa. He's so funny!! Then on no 2 comes Miss Piggy. (i'm a hige fan of Disney and the muppets ;-) )
    and no 3 is Porky Pig. I like the end of the cartoons when he says Thats all Folks, and stutters like crazy :D

    Wishing you a lovely day,
    Hugs Kim

  26. dear Jenn. You ask for the contact info? Like an email address or something? If you click on my name you'll see my blog. Is that good too?

  27. Love your card and thanks for the reminder to use acetate, I always forget about doing that and your card is great! Lot's of little extras that make it really special. (Oh yes and I love the flying piggy!)
    Three famous pigs, hmm, the piggy in Charlotte's Web, Miss Piggy of course, and Porky Pig, the all time master of That's All Folks!


  28. What a great scene you've created. Gorgeous card.

  29. What a fun, fun card! Love the dimension ... and your "When Pigs Fly" joke is hilarious!

  30. Your card made me smile really big!! Love that cute piggy! Thanks for playing along over at Twisted Tuesdays! :)


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