Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodie Jars

Now that Bean is in Pre-K for the first year, I had the idea of decorating Jars filled with some sort of goodies for a Christmas gift.  I went a step further and decorated a bunch and sold them at my craft show.  They went over pretty well.  I will be giving them away to Bean’s teachers, and Karate teachers.  They are filled with gourmet chocolate chip cookie mix (I have a culinary degree…so I put it to use and came up with my own recipe!)  I am posting two jars today and come back by tomorrow and I will post two more! 

Have a sweet holiday!  And thanks for all you’re your much appreciated comments! 
Christmas Tradition Jar:
Paper:  Hobby Lobby-Christmas Stack
Digi: The Cutting Café
Accessories: Twine, fabric, Copics
Christmas Snowman Jar:
Paper: Sandy Lion
Digi: D2D & The Cutting Café
Accessories: Twine, Copics
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