Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tangled Up In Creativity: Rose's Challenge

Tangled up in some vintage! Well this week Rose hosted our challenge… Check out her beautiful card. When doing vintage I think you either have the ability to interpret it correctly or you don’t…I am one who falls in the middle. I kind of have it but I could use a little work on getting it better. Vintage is a beautiful style that I think is incredibly hard to put into a card. Here is a general definition:
classic: recognized as being of high quality and lasting appeal
out of date: no longer fashionable or modern
[14th century. Alteration (influenced by vintner) of vendage< Old French vendange< Latin vindemia "grape-gathering" < vinum "wine" + demere "take away"]
Here is my version of Vintage:

Thanks for the challenge Rose.
Thanks for the comments and for visiting!

Paper:  Scraps
Stamp: SU's Best Blossoms
Ink:  Color Box
Sentiment: PC

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