Saturday, April 24, 2010

Way ahead of Mother's Day YEA!!!

Mothers Day is the most anticipated holiday/event of the year!  That being said I hope all of you have your reservations for Brunch!!  It is the busiest holiday for restaurants and flower shops!  Just thought I would give you some trivia!  Now on to my Mother's Day Cards.  I know it is not till May 9th but I have to get a jump on things because last minute cards just don't turn out!  I saw this card fold on the SCS mini VSN.  I just couldn't get over how cute the fold was...where have I been!!!!  I bet all of you have been doing this fold for years!! Well, here is my take on that cute little fold.

These cards were so much fun to make!  If you have never tried one there is a tutorial on the SCS website.
Thanks for visiting! 

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