Monday, April 5, 2010

Challenge #1 for Eyelets, Ribbon, Paper-Oh My!!

Our 1st Blog Group Challenge!!
April 5th-April 11(entries due by midnight!)
Poll: Posted Monday April 12th-14th
Winner announced April 15th!!!
I am so excited to host our very 1st challenge.  I don't know if you all havn't noticed that I am a little bit of a recycler/reuser/use it tell it's gone and reuse it again type of girl!  I am always trying to encourage others to do their "part" in helping our enviroment....hey we have to clean it up for our children and their children!  So with that being said, I thought it would be a real "challenge" to reuse/re-purpose an item(s) that we all have in our house...A cereal box, cracker box or a cookie box.  If you look in my archives you will see my Kashi cereal box turned magazine holder. 
I also have this Kashi box turned notepad.  I used my "zutter" to transform the box, added a legal pad and covered the back cover with scrap paper.  I encourage you all to use up your scraps!

 I also have some scrap advice if anyone is interested: organize your scraps in a legal sized acordian folder by colors.  Then always go to that when you are doing a project before grabbing a new sheet of cardstock.  As for the patterened scraps I use a 12x12 acordian folder and always look there for inspiration! 

Good Luck Ladies!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  I will be giving away a RAK for this challenge.  To play fair I thought we could do a poll to decide the winner of the challenge.   
A note to all other players, the RAK is only for the "Eyelets, Ribbon, Paper- Oh My" blog group.  But I do encourage others to submit!  It for our enviroment so the more the merrier!
Submit all entries with a before and after photo to  Please include your name!  Thanks and good luck!
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