Monday, March 8, 2010

Blog Challenge #1

Jax Bean Stalks 1st Challenge!

Hi followers, I am so excited to announce my blogs 1st challenge! I wanted to challenge everyone to something that is important in my life...Recycling! I think it is important to find other uses for things like packaging that would normally get thrown in the trash. I try not to throw anything away! I am a big recycler and am lucky to have a really nice curbside recycling program in my town.

My challenge to you is re-use an item that would normally get thrown away. It could be a pickle or peanut butter jar, a cereal box, a tin canister you name it...

I would like all entries to have a before and after picture to allow everyone to see the items original intent. Be creative! I know all of you have something you can recycle into this challenge. I am so excited to see what you come up with!!

I will pick one person that shows the best transformation of the item along with creativity! I will have a RAK for the winner!

The challenge will run from : March 8- March 22

The winner will be announced the week of my birthday...April 7th

Please send all entries to In the subject line please put "Recycle Challenge".

Entries should include before and after pictures of the project, your name and email address and a couple of lines about your project: like what inspired you to pick the item.

Good luck get out there and recycle!!

Here is my take on a Kashi cereal box!

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