Thursday, January 14, 2016

Serving up Organization

What was your New Year’s resolution?  I am really not a person to make resolutions because I feel like I would not follow through and then feel as though I let myself down.  I did however this year make a goal to get my kitchen organized. 

I sometimes find that I do a lot of “stuffing” to get things into cupboards.  I also find I am using the same spices over and over and would like them in one place.  So, I started out by centralizing my go to kitchen items.  Walnut Hollow has made organization easy.  I created a kitchen décor item that is functional.  Using the Serving Tray I organized my cutting boards, spices, olive oil and tea pot.  Watch below as I transform Walnut Hollow’s raw wood Serving Tray using a little paint and their Creative Versa Tool. 

Visit Walnut Hollow for more organizational ideas with their high quality wood products.  
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