Friday, July 27, 2012

Did you see the sale?...

It is that time again...SUMMERTIME! Starting May 25th thru August 24th the CMC Classroom will run its summertime sale! This means all my Copic Classes are marked down and some of the other instructors on the site will be marking their classes down as well!

Summer is a perfect time to delve into some crafting classes...lazy days coloring and crafting...can you imagine it? LOL and remember when you sign up you get 1 full year to do the class...starting when you if you want to buy classes now but wait to start until September...well you can do that too! Class starts once you sign into the classroom so you can wait as long as you like and still get your full year!!

Also if you bundle 4 or 5 Copic classes you get a better discount as well...usually you get $25 off of 4 Copic Classes or $30 off of all 5 Copic classes--that is a year-round deal. But for the summer sale you will get $30 off of 4 Copic Classes and $35 off of 5 Copic Classes!

Mindy's Magnolia Classes can also be bundled together for a discount ($100 for all 3)!

GO HERE to sign up!

Look at this HAIR!!!  Suzanne can teach you to color like this!
by Suzanne J Dean is a coloring class that focuses 110% on HAIR! Coloring hair can be stressful, frustrating and hard...for me I absolutely love it as I feel its always a new challenge. So in this class we will cover ALL KINDS of hair challenges including BIG HAIR, dread-locks, braids, pony-tails, boy's hair, and more! I will break it all down for you step by step with lots of tips along the way to apply to any image you may have! After you take this class you will be able to master coloring hair of any style or color!! We will also conquer lots of hair colors using BOTH Copic and TouchTwin worries either or both is fine to use, up to you! Class is up for pre-registration HERE and pre-reg price is $45!!

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